CATA is the first manufacturer of extraction, ventilation and heating of Spain, founded in Torello, in 1947. Since its inception, CATA has been growing and strengthening its position in the market to reach its current leadership. In 1999 it opened its new factory of Xiao Lan, China, being the first company in the industry to expand production to that country.

An important innovation capacity, a continuous effort of the Department of research and development and an aggressive international marketing are the fundamental reasons for our success.

Quality assurance

The high level of professionals of CATA and a great concern for every detail in the manufacture are quality assurance. CATA has received certifications (ISO 9001) manufacturing and product processes (C.C.A. **) that endorse our technology and quality.

But there's something even better. A quality award we receive on a daily basis: the satisfaction of our customers.

Reasons for leadership

The experience. Professionals working for CATA. Proven quality. Innovation and design. The fast and efficient service. The marketing that takes us farther every day.

There are many reasons for our strength and wingspan.

And our efforts in each one of them got done CATA the leading manufacturer of heating, ventilation and extraction.

Overcoming technology

We could boast of cutting-edge technology. Innovative capacity. A great investment by having machinery of last generation. We are also proud to be the first in the introduction of factories abroad.

But we prefer to talk about technology of overcoming. That aimed to refine products of CATA. To adapt them to the needs of the market. To make them even more durable. Useful. Insurmountable.

The design, question of ambition.

We are not satisfied with technologically perfect products. An extractor; an extractor or decorative; a heater; a fan. A new product is a new challenge. And so we give vent to the creativity of our team of professionals.

We are committed to the aesthetics. We are pursuing the beauty. And that effort is rewarded with numerous awards, as that gives us the prestigious ADI-FAD. Although, in the case of design, CATA products speak for themselves.

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